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【English name】Urea
【CAS Number】57-13-6
【Chemical alias】Carbamide; Urea solution; Urea, USP Grade Carbamide, USP Grade; Urea, MB Grade (1.12007); Urea (Medical); Urea-12C; 10-Hydroxy-2-trans-Decenoic Acid; Carbonyl diamine; Sulfur coated urea
【Structural formula】
【Molecular formula】CH4N2O
【Molecular weight】60.06
【Appearance】colorless prismatic shape crystal or white crystal powder; easily soluble in water, ethyl alcohol and boiled ethyl alcohol; insoluble in diethyl ether and chloroform
【Quality standard】
melting point: 132℃—135
ignition residue: ≤0.1%
heavy metal: ≤0.002%
content: ≥99.5%
sulfate(SO42-)content: ≤0.005%
CL- content: ≤0.007%
【Application】widely used in ointment and high-end cosmetics
【Packaging and storage】25kg/drum     in dry and ventilated condition sealing; avoid exposure under direct sunlight, moisture and heat

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