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【English name】Azone
【CAS Number】59227-89-3
【Chemical alias】hexahydro-n-lauryl-2h-azepin-2-on; 1-dodecylazacycloheptan-2-one; 1-dodecylhexahydro-2h-azepin-2-one; n-lauryl caprolactam; tranzone; acecloguanosine; Azone; 1-dodecylazepan-2-one; 1-tridecylpiperidin-2-one
【Structural formula】
【Molecular formula】C18H35NO
【Molecular weight】281
【Appearance】colorless transparent sticky liquid; easily soluble in various organic solvents
【Quality standard】
content: 97.0—102%
refractive index: 1.470—1.473(25℃)
relative density: 0.909—0.926
bromide: ≤0.1%
heavy metal: ≤0.001%
【Characteristics and uses】It has fine permeability. And it has wide scope of application in drugs and cosmetics.
In pharmaceutical field, it is used for preparation of spray, aerosol, detergent, linimentum, emulsion, ointment.
It can be used widely in nutrition type, curative effect and functional typecosmetics, for example, removing spot cream, sunscreen cream and slimming lotion.
In farm chemical aspect, high penetrating insecticide has been developed by adding of azone. And it is founded that it has function of cost reduction and pollution abatement.
It is used in dyeing, abatement and aviation fields.
【Packaging and storage】500ml×20plastic bottle/piece 5kg×4 plastic pot/piece 1kg×10aluminum bottle/bottle  in seal to avoid exposure under direct sunlight; shelf life: 4years

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